squiggles and pots

i have two exhibitions coming up!

solo show in taipei

group show in hong kong

they are actually opening on the same day so i will be in two places at once. not really! i'll be in taipei.

does anyone read blogs anymore? i'm wondering if i might just not bother with this anymore. instagram is more fun! 



it's a week of unusual materials and unusual conversations. the materials don't scan and the conversations are top secret.




tidying up in the studio today and finding random things. if this dress existed i would want to wear it.

office supplies



white-out gardens.
i liked being forced into a thick line with a fixed width like this. 

an interview and more trees


the raw book invited me for an interview.
and here's some more trees. i like what happens when you use the wrong kind of paper for watercolour. i don't like how it scans so much.




some jackets...
i think i will make a riso print edition of the first one.


botanic gardens sydney
botanic gardens sydney.

are you in california?

what?! you are!!!

go to this. i bet it's tops. i happen to know two of the exhibitors and they are rare and excellent creatures making lovely work. nancy loeber from new york and ananas press from tokyo.