hong kong park
happy new year! here's a tree. trees don't care about calendars and such. they just keep going.


2015 calendar - nudes!

happy new year!
the 2015 nudie calendar is back in stock....


2015 calendar - nudes! 2015 calendar - nudes! 2015 calendar - nudes! 2015 calendar - nudes!
i have made an illustrated nudie calendar! it is riso printed in two colours, designed by the lovely sarah cashman. available here but only for a few days - then i'm off to enjoy family + sunshine + ocean + panetonne.

nudie calendar!

here's a sneak peak of an illustrated nudie calendar i've been working on. it will be riso printed this week. wouldnt this look great hanging in your office cubicle? what a conversation starter!

it will be a pretty small edition and mostly i'm going to give it away as christmas presents but it will also be available soon in my store.


chizu blue yellow

i'm going to kyoto this weekend. any recommendations?
working on some nudes!

working on some nudes!
i'm making an illustrated nudie calendar with a friend. very quickly because it practically is 2015.