Circle, Ananas Press Exhibition

i'm really happy to take part in an exhibition curated by my friends nobuko and akie of ananas press. it's at circle gallery in tokyo and the theme is circle. there will be work by a bunch of artists including fancomi, aki matsumoto, takero kano and yukie (a calligrapher whose last name i can't read...)

18th july to 4th august with an opening party on saturday 19th july from 18:00. more info in japanese here.

a deadline and no ideas

i've cleaned my desk and sharpened my pencils. any minute now!
this is old stuff i found while i was procrastinating.

exhibition at teakha

my exhibition is still up at teakha! just a few more weeks.


i've been moving house and travelling and jet-lagging and walking in the mountains which are all full of mist and spring flowers. and now i'm having a little exhibition at a lovely little tea shop called teakha. they have this osmanthus flower sponge cake there that is so good...

i wonder if anybody even reads blogs anymore?

things you may need in the afterlife

a few more of the photographs i took for pinholet magazine; paper offerings for the dead.



a little paper installation i made in the stair well a while ago.

photo essay for pinholet

a little photo essay in the new Pinholet magazine
i have a little photo essay in the new Pinholet magazine

i have a small photo essay (and a couple of interviews) in the new pinholet magazine - paper offerings for the dead. this is the very first issue of pinholet. it's a very lovely little magazine published by some very lovely parisians. this issue focuses on hong kong and includes instructions on making a paper pinhole camera!