gocco markers.

i used the gocco markers to prepare my masters and ran into a few problems with them. having prepared all my masters ahead of time and left them lying around for a few weeks before burning my screens i seem to have lost some of the carbon and had to go back over them a second time. after reading that it's the heat, not the light from the bulbs that burns the image onto the screen i wondered if it might have been the heat from the diy light table i was using to trace my images for colour separations that burnt the carbon out. or if, over time, the carbon just dissipates. another problem i had burning screens was when the paper the master was on was too thin and the grid pattern of the foam pad was burnt into the solid areas of my image. it looked like this. easily fixed by putting a piece of card underneath whilst burning. for another project this might be a look i go for deliberately.

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