gocco registration.

for this project i was printing either two or three screens for each image so registration was an issue. i have a pg5 and the size of a page spread in my book is about 27 x 16cm or about 11" x 6". officially you can only print a postcard size on the pg5. i managed to do it with only a few registration hassles. it's also worth mentioning that with this particular project i was quite happy to tolerate a small amount of registration error, "embrace it as an aesthetic" as my friend matthew would say. i found that a good way to make registration easy was to be really careful about it from the beginning, when making the masters. i made sure the image was lined up in the same part of the screen for each colour. when burning the screens i used the edges of the foam pad as registration. and when printing i found the easiest way was to use the back edge (furthest away from you when printing) where the gocco hinges and one other point; either the little knobs at the front of the gocco (closer to you when printing) or one edge of the foam pad again. the foam pad was less accurate than the knobs just because it's foam rather then a hard edge. using the foam pad also meant not moving it until i had finished all the print runs for one image.
occasionally, when i was sloppy about registration when burning the screens i needed a bit more help when printing. i used a piece of acetate taped to the side of the gocco as i had read about on the flickr forums. it's a great idea and worked well for me. it's only inaccuracy is how hard you pull the acetate across the foam pad. even tension throughout the print run is key. picture is worth a thousand words. using sheets of paper bigger than the foam pad holding it up also meant that after getting the paper in just the right spot and letting go it would sag and move slightly just because of its own weight.  a small piece of pre-used double-sided tape on the foam pad worked well: holding it in place without damaging the paper.  

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felicity said...

you've made a good reference my dear, i wonder if anyone gives lessons in goccos - it is a dying art i guess.