goodbye shoes

a gocco print from a book i'm working on called goodbye shoes. i'll be selling a bunch of my shoes at the flea-market soon because they have hurt my feet and i can't wear them anymore. i've held on to them for a while, moved houses and continents with them but now i'm ready to say goodbye. but first i wanted to make their portrait. they are all full of character and having-been-worn-ness and they are lovely objects. since i started this project i've started to notice the shoes people around me are wearing a lot more. shoes have a lot of personality, they have noses, they tell a lot of the story. this particular pair i got at a thrift store in upstate new york on the way to montreal. mum and i trekked to this thrift store which was in a rough part of a rough town who's name i've forgotten. maybe it was schenectady. after scouring the place i bought only these shoes. they had never been worn and the label on them read outdoorables.
this is the first big project i've done with my gocco and its been a real learning curve in terms of what the gocco can do and what it can't. i'll be posting about what i've learnt sometime soon.

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