a trip to the paper store

i went to ozu washi today looking for something quite specific.  it ended up being a bit hard to communicate and as i was leaving i was feeling kind of frustrated and sick of being the foreigner.  but then the guy who had been running a short paper-making workshop in the foyer (they have a tiny, neat wet-floor) asked me if i'd like to try making paper.  i got to form the sheet while the guy counted the number of sloshes backwards and forwards i did and kept me at the right pace.  we dried it with this cool vacum thingy i haven't ever seen before and by smoothing it onto a hot metal plate.  when we were done he gave me an envelope with an explanation of the process, my own sheet and a bunch of others.  i was one lucky gaijin today.  above is one of the store's sample books and below the paper i made today; a half-half mix of mitsumata and kozo.

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