tara publishing and chin music press

found this video via the chin music press blog about the making of a book i happen to own a copy of.  it's interesting to see how an edition size like 1000 gets made since most of the techniques i know are for much smaller editions.  somehow at tara publishing they do it faster, looser and don't compromise the loveliness of the finished object.  

also, chin music press are behind a whole bunch of japan or tokyo related books i've seen around in book stores or read reviews of and like the look of so it's nice to connect the dots. they seem to be working from america whilst gazing at japan and making books both beautiful and good.  right up my alley.  apparently chin music is the music made by chin wagging; chatter.  try to use it in a sentence today.  also i like this little article on their blog about the future of books.  it's just exactly what i've been thinking only clearer.   

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