efuto and tokyo friday

e = picture
futo = envelope
it says on the first page of this book. full of illustrated envelopes mostly to or from david mckee (a children's book illustrator) or klaus flugge (director of anderson press).  by david mckee, published by foil.  this book is available directly from foil.  

i just started a new blog with my friend nobuko; tokyo friday.  usually on fridays i go and meet nobuko, who's a book designer and artist, to see an exhibition or visit a store, have a coffee and practice speaking alternately japanese or english.  tokyo friday will be about where we went, what we saw and sometimes what we talked about.  today it was decided that i would post in japanese and nobuko in english.  maximizing both our learning and your amusement.  じゃ どうぞ。

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