more people on trains

over the weekend i picked up an exhibition flyer at a coffee shop in kyoto.  this person (i haven't been able to find out their name)  mina yamamoto does these beautiful drawings of people on trains accompanied by text by yuiti hirano.  on their photo page i found images of other flyers for other exhibitions of drawings of people on trains.  the exhibition was at shin bi in kyoto but is already over.  i want to buy a book of this persons drawings but it doesn't seem like one exists. i'm going to get the book! 

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syanaikyori said...

Thank you for introducing syanaikyori in your blog.
My name is yuiti hirano.
I take charge of "WORDS" in syanaikyori.
"DRAWINGS" is took chage of
mino yamamoto.

If you want syanaikyoribook
please tell us youradress.

We will send you syanaikyoribook.

drawings:mino yamamoto
words:yuiti hirano