kappan festa / letterpress festival

coming up on the 2nd May i'll be taking part in the kappan deco boco festa which is a festival of printing, typography and bookbinding. held during golden week, there will be about 40 stall holders as well as workshops.  more information (japanese) here.  nobukoakie and i have made a book especially.   

the theme for this year's fair is stamping.  nobody told me there was a theme til last week but it just so happens i've gone and made something stamped...

2nd-11th May
13:00 - 18:00 (last day til 17:00)

CCAA Art Plaza
Yotsuya Square Hall A
4-20 Yotsuya

close to akebonobashi on the shinjuku line
yotsuyasanchome on the marunouchi line


Nidhi said...

I LOVE this! can't wait to see the whole thing :)

melindatrees said...

i wanna go :-) i like your print.

anna said...

thanks nidhi!
melinda, if you have time you should definitely drop by the fair. we went and set up yesterday and there's a lot of nice work. and also the venue is this great old elementary school with a toy museum on the second floor and lord knows what else...

i'm nervous about my shoddy japanese so i'm figuring i'll just smile a lot. come and say hi, i'll be the smiling gaijin.

Rozi said...

Hi Anna, I found your link from Tulbri and I've been reading your blog all the way to the first entry. It's fantastic that you get to live in Japan and I drool every time there is a picture of the paper shops and the beautiful beautiful handmade papers that is at your fingertips. I wish I am in your shoes right now with all the opportunities you're having. I've linked you as an inspiration on my blog and I can't wait to read what you'll be sharing in this fantastic journey of yours. Have a great time at the festival!

anna said...

thanks rozi! i didn't know my blog was so interesting. i sure do feel lucky to be living here.