letterpress festival report, part two

it was so nice last week, to get out of my little box and meet a whole bunch of nice people and see their work. i found it suprisingly exhausting, trying to understand japanese all day but good fun.  thanks to all the people who came and spoke slowly and patiently with me!  
here's just a few of my favourites from the festival.  (there was a lot more great work there but not all of it photographed well).

these light globes are by junko kamei who is always smiling.  junko told me the mottled background on these happened because the paper was so textured that the print didn't work the way she planned so she coloured it in with a lead pencil.  she printed this for the letterpress festival because letterpress and the light globe are both shining lights of civilization!  
these next ones are the work of Oonuma Shoji.  Oonuma is a photographer who recently inherited a letterpress machine, type and equipment from a retiring printer.  the book below is about that printer, sanki-san, and all the type she inherited from him.  i can't read it, i just bought it because it was so lovely.  i'll add it to my collection of books i can't read but which are lovely.  

Aki Matsumoto came to the fair with two books under her arm.  here are some images from one of them, depth psychology.  this book was printed from paper.  in the first image you can see the paper cut out that was used for one page.  there are one, two or three layers of paper in different areas which is how she got the differing intensities of blue and also some string glued in one area.  such a simple and lovely technique.  i think i might have done something like this in first year art school cutting into book board but then i forgot all about it.  until now.  

 more photos of the festival on my flickr.


Mônica Vaz said...

Oh.. Your blog is so nice! Lots of beautiful images!

anna said...

thanks monica!
i'm glad you enjoy it.