making belts for books

we were making shiny, colourful belts for our book in akie's studio which is actually a school of typography where akie is also teaching bookbinding.  she told me her boss had a job teaching typography at a university but he quit so he could open his own school and teach his own way.  students start by arranging blocks of black on white paper.  it seems they use scissors and glue and pencils and a photocopier.  only after a year at TypeShop_g are students allowed to touch the type you can see in the background of this last photo. 

this is one of the books we made for the kappan decoboco festa this week.  i've been enjoying meeting a whole bunch of people and seeing everybody's work.  i'll be posting some photos from the festival next week.  

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Hello Sandwich said...

I love these Japanese belly bands you made! What an amazing experience to go into the studio! iina~!