calming drawings

i've been doing drawings of clothing on hangers.  something about the detail i'm finding very calming.  i did some drawings like these years ago when i used to work in a second-hand clothes store in berlin where i got paid 6 euros an hour and had to leave the door open during a blizzard so as not to discourage potential shoppers.  then i got fired but not before i trained my replacement.  i used to have a lot of naps on the job because there was a sofa in the shop and i was bored and tired from my other job so i oughtn't to have been surprised that i got fired... but anyway, before i got fired i used to choose a dress from the racks, hang it up on the other side of the room and draw it.  something about the details of clothes on the body that i find interesting, like architecture but small and personal and trying to prove a point about the wearer.  


felicity said...

bloody lovely!

wortwut said...

These are great. Full of potential! They're loaded with the ideas of the person you're sure you would be if you put them on. But it's before it's happened so there's no failure; only optimism.


I like the drawings, is the point.