to the folks in kyoto

a book i illustrated is now available at keibunsha books in kyoto. it's a most excellent bookshop; a good place to get stuck in the rain (speaking from experience) because you can spend hours there.
this is a book about colour in english and japanese. in collaboration with nobuko yamamoto (designer) and akie tsuzuki (bookbinder).

the day i visited keibunsha yoshida iida was exhibiting his handmade umbrellas in the gallery out the back. i ordered one, it just arrived a few weeks ago and it's beautiful! i tried to choose one that will still suit me when i'm an old lady because i'm planning on not forgeting it on the bus. all the details are really nice; the way it closes with a button, the trim on the edge and the little name tag inside.


wortwut said...

I really like your new header picture thing.

anna said...

i know you know how i made it.

jess said...

The book is fantastic!

I want one of these parasols!!!

ashley helvey at yahoo dot com said...

oh my goodness, so beautiful, I love his work!!