enormous pink paper flowers

i just happened to see these in a jewellry store in the back streets of omotesando. the girls in the store told me a swedish designer called nicholas made them but they had forgotten his last name. but i'm on the case! these flowers literally stopped me in my tracks. i like things that looked like they were fun to make. these ones had been made with white paper and then spray painted afterwards. i wanted to buy them more than the jewellry.


naoto okubo said...

Miss. ANNA hello.
It is sunglassesman told only a little with ZINE 'S MATE yesterday.
After all, when it returned to the house and your homepage was retrieved immediately, it was wonderful.
I thought it was very beautiful because I saw your work though the stencil had thought it was a little wimpy up to now.
It was a sense very glad.
Thank you. Moreover, we will obstruct it to WEBLOG.
I am drawing illustration.
Please look when it is good.


wortwut said...

I *love* things that look like they were fun to make. These are indeed great.
I'm a bit obsessed with Tom Friedman for the same reason ... I shall make a post.

felicity said...

wowee, your blog looks so lovely! i've got blog envy! no internet when i am all motivated, its too cold here in darlinghurst, my hands are cold and i can only type slowly...xx