zine's mate, the art book fair tokyo

this weekend i'll be taking part in zine's mate, the tokyo art book fair. i think it's going to be excellent. on their website you can see a list of participants and for one thing there's a lot of them and for another thing there's a few i already know of and admire like nieves from switzerland and printed matter from new york.

DATE:10th-12th July 2009


  5-10-1, Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  (11:00-20:00, closes at 18:00 on 12th)


  3-20-13, Jingumae Shibuya -ku, Tokyo
 (13:00-20:00, closes at 18:00 on 12th)

this may be the first blog post i've ever written that doesn't have a picture to go with it. how about that.


yoko {megropress} said...

hi! anna,
this is yoko from megropress.
long time no see! your new print of tools on the web site is looks great! i love it :)
i've been to San Francisico, and i had a chance to visit to the Cetner for the Book. it was interesting! Are you gonna be at GYRE on Saturday? i'm going to see them.
see ya! yoko

anna said...

hi yoko!
hissashiburi desu ne.
i'm going to be at VACANT all day saturday and probably the second half of the other days, come and see me! i'd like to hear about your trip.
mata ne.