zine's mate was fun

so many lovely people. so many beautiful books.
it was so busy that i didn't actually get much of a chance to buy stuff or to take photos of the event but i did have lots of really nice conversations with people. thanks to everyone who came!
these are a few things that i did buy.
an issue of lovely daze magazine featuring the work of mika tajima. some of postalco's chance printed cards. this purchase relates strongly to my last post about how i like things that look like they were fun to make... they've made a chance printing machine with balls that fall into buckets of ink and then bounce onto paper.
a book of photographs of the work of knot. i have no idea how they make these amazing little things.
a few post cards by illustrator iwo kawaguchi. airoplanes and erasers.


wortwut said...


I'm sorry I mised it :(

melindatrees said...

ahhh, the crowds scared me off but i really wanted to go.looks nice.

anna said...

yeah i don't blame you. it was pretty hard work just trying to get in the door. hopefully next year they'll find a bigger venue.