my sister found my favourite tshirt in a thrift store. i've been wearing it so much it's getting faded so i scanned and photographed it for posterity's sake. i wear it in spring and i wear it when i wish it were spring and i wore it yesterday because i had a cold and felt miserable. it's a happy making tshirt.
today i'm going to look at more apartments but i'd rather be op-shopping with my sister; watching her fast eyes and hands work.


felicity said...

it was one of joanies old shirts, i can't rock the humble tshirt look like you can! it's such a lovely print - you should do a drawing of it.

we just had delicious malaysian - roti - so good - so full. xx

anna said...

i forgot that it was joanie's. she was always wearing those great button up dresses with the sleeves rolled up when i saw her. don't think i ever saw her in a tshirt.
i'm a bit over the humble tshirt these days, except for this one. thinking of graduating to the noble blouse.