drawings of eileen chang

a very lovely little book published by chenmiji; a very busy fellow who has a video piece on exhibition at hong kong central library at the moment that looks very interesting...
i actually read this book from cover to cover in one sitting and it really made me smile. i don't know eileen chang's writing but i think i will like it.


Frances said...

I've been desperately trying to purchase this book online (since I live in the States). I'm so glad to find out through your blog post that these drawings were published in Chen Miji's volume. If you haven't read any of Chang's writings, Karen Kingsbury's English translations of her most notable short stories ("Love in a Fallen City") is a good place to start. The translations can be spotty at times, but not anything you would notice if you never read the originals.

anna said...

Hi Frances,
I guess you could try contacting Chen miji directly. I know it's sold at keibunsha in Kyoto and they have an online store but probably don't ship outside japan. Let me know how you go because Chen miji is just down the block from me.
Thanks so much for the recommendations on which of her writings and which translation to try.