mixing ink

a few weeks ago i was out hunting for a letterpress printer in the wilds of hong kong (at one stage i think i actually learnt how to say letterpress in cantonese but who knows, maybe i learnt how to say go away). i noticed that all the printers here use these little folded paper containers to hold ink. i've never seen this before - it's pretty nifty. i wonder if printers do this elsewhere or if it's just a hong kong printers thing? one of the printers let me keep one (and thought i was a total weirdo). so i've worked out how it's made. voila:

while you're about it, clicking on things: have a look at the brand new and beautiful ananas press website.


Hello Sandwich said...

ooo they are so beautiful!
are you back in HK now? it was so nice to meet you in Tokyo! And crazy that we also bumped into each other in Shibuya!
Did you buy a lot at Libro?
I LOVE that place!
Love Love
Hello Sando

anna said...

i'm home again! yeah, that was pretty random running into you there. i bought a few mags and a few little birthday presents for a few little people...

hiki said...

hello there!
wow this is really interesting how they use the folded paper containers to hold ink! very unusual but i like the idea.
and ananas press website looks so lovely!!

small caps said...

interesting, I will try this. btw. wonderful blog! Cheers from Berlin, Sabrina

Bohème Circus said...

wow !!! wonderful idea I like very much these paper containers !

Seema Karecha said...

a very interesting blog! liked the pictures.