o bento

this is a really beautiful book i found last time i was in tokyo. photos of people with photos of their lunch. makes me want to run away to find a life in the japanese countryside where there's enough time and presence of mind to pack a beautiful lunch like this. the text seems to be about the people in the photos. wish i knew enough kanji to actually read in japanese; it'd open up such a big world of things to read.
you can buy it here or here.
i loved this line that nobuko wrote on our collaborative blog (we write each other letters in each other's languages):
i've almost forgottn to read foreign novels for these ten years.
you wouldn't catch an australian forgetting to read foreign novels for ten years.


Little finds said...

This book looks great!

ii-ne-kore said...

i love how much value japanese magazines place in the simple act of packing and taking your lunch with you, and how they create a wonderufl little story with each one. thanks for showing us a great one!

anna said...

yeah that way of taking care of little things being beautiful is really sweet. and adds up to a beautiful life, i think. there was one gaijin included in this book and she had this mess of couscous in a plastic container which i'm sure was delicious but... didn't make the grade.

Hello Sandwich said...

What a beautiful book! xoxo

Cookie Cutter said...

Awesome book! I love seeing what others are eating and the Japanese take so much pride in preparing a bento!

From Me To You said...

I had not know about this book but I find it wonderfully inspiring. The simplicity of good food and the art of dedicating time to enjoy it. Much more interesting than grabbing a quick lunch on the go as so many of us do.