proud accidents

this would be one of those find-something-lying-around-the- studio-and-throw-it-on-the-scanner type posts. these are the cut out pieces of paper that last week's makeup images were printed off. for the longest time all the accidents that happen by the wayside seem to be more beautiful than what i'm actually working on. still, i made these accidents so i'm proud of them.

here's something about colour i've been reading:

it is said that there were few color-related words in eighth-century japan, when the first poetry collection, the manyoshu, was published. the basic adjectives being used at that time were just four in number: akai (red), kuroi (black); shiroi (white); and aoi (blue)....these four adjectives may strike us as too few, but in fact each word had a very broad range, and people were able to express subtle differences in meaning and atmosphere contextually. there was no need to classify colors as strictly as we do today, which means that blue and green, for example, could be lumped together emotionally, under the broader category of blue (aoi). rather than communicating color through the use of adjectives, which rely on the psychology of the receiver, we can presume that they used the names of plant-base dyes such as indigo or violet, or the names of things like bitter orange, ashes, and young grass....
words which pinpoint the colors of the changing seasons, like moe-gi-iro (the bright green of budding plants) or asagi-iro (the greenish blue of the leaves of the leek), are fragile, but they have the power to convince because they capture the moment of observation.

from: shiro (white), hara kenya

ISBN 978-4-12-003937-9 C0070

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yoko said...

Ah, really love your sweet pieces...always love the color you chosen. I gonna post about your earring book soon on my blog!