adornment for the world

last week i answered a few questions for amber lundy who's currently working on her final year project (studying ceramics and metal) in england. amber is interested in adornment for the world as opposed to for the body. she spent part of her childhood in japan and is inspired by japanese traditions of gift giving and wishing as well as tanabata festival imagery. tanabata festival ornaments are one of my favourite things and i'm curious to see where she takes it with metal and ceramics.
she asked me some great questions as part of her research and has posted the answers on her blog.

these two images i found on the wall of a restaurant here in hong kong accompanied by this text:

...this portfolio was printed in collotype with lithography and screenprinted additions by mark klett, dan mayer, john risseeuw, and joseph segura in the facilities of the visual arts reserach institute of arizona state university school of art, fall 1986...

and a signature that looks like tony ....something.

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