june schwarcz

june schwarcz explaining how she makes these:

My husband, Leroy Schwarcz, who was a mechanical engineer, brought home a sample of thin copper foil that was about 1 mm thick. It proved to be good for making three- dimensional pieces. It had something of the quality of soft fabric but could be plated to be sturdy enough to handle and to enamel. I found I could make pleats with the foil and sew seams with thin copper wire to form the piece for electroforming.

My shapes are developed on newsprint that is then used as the pattern to cut the thin copper foil. It is important that the copper piece be absolutely clean when put into the tank to be plated and formed. I clean the copper with Sparer 2 and sometimes with sulfuric acid. Sometimes I coat the inside of the foil with melted wax before I put the formed piece in the bath. With the wax on the inside, the piece holds its shape as it is being electroplated. This wax must be completely removed after the plating is finished so that the copper can be enameled. The wax is melted and burned off. Then the piece is soaked in Sparex 2 again to remove the firescale, rinsed and wire brushed. Sometimes I use a sulfuric acid bath instead of the Sparex 2. It is then ready to be enameled.

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