SE Nash
i'll be curating an online exhibition at remote starting today and unfolding over the next six months. i'm excited to be a part of this project which is still quite new.
at the end of the exhibition period the work gets de-installed and edited into a hard copy book. what i really like about the format is that it uses two media in a really appropriate way - online for exploring and evolving and a book for something more thought through and refined. we'll see where it goes...

this image is from the first artist in the exhibition se nash.


Anonymous said...

it looks GREAT

i'm studying to (hopefully) be a curator, so i'm super jealous (and inspired and impressed)

thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way x

anna said...

thanks so much anne louise!
i've been a little bit nervous about this project because curating is not something i've ever really done. so i'm so glad you like it so far.
my best to you!

ola said...

hello. nice to find you. and I am always happy about other creatives working with walls and especially in such an unusual (artistic?) way. greet you. ola

anna said...

thanks ola! it's nice to meet you too, i really enjoy your blog. a digital curtsy to you!