ha wan pao

ha wan pao issue 2

this is what i've been working on lately - a monthly paper about people who make beautiful things. this is the centrefold from issue two - a photograph by furze chan of sarah lai's brush washing pot. a four colour risograph print. 

in other news my scanner is crap. i want a not-crap one that can handle larger than a4 size.  this is the only one i've found and it's crazy expensive. and captures enough dpi to make a billboard from a postcard. seems like overkill. anyone have any recommendations?


brandi said...

I have a Mustek scanner that scans up to 11x16" or so (A3). Not the best scanner on earth, but it is the only affordable large one that I've ever been able to find, at under $200.


Good luck! I love your work and I want to see more, I hope you find something that works :)

anna said...

Thanks Brandi!