David Hockney

i've gone on a bit of a david hockney bender lately - watcing a load of interviews and his documentary, the secret knowledge. and i just want to jot down a bunch of things he said that i liked.

he's the bees knees. he's thought a lot about what he does and he says exactly what he means. he says a lot of stuff i've been thinking but hadn't articulated 


"Instead he feels, museums and galleries have jumped too willingly into the unmade bed of conceptual art where lights go on and off in a game of philosophical riddles. But Hockney says "the power is with images", and in neglecting them the artworld has diminished the very thing it aimed to protect: art."

 "the genre itself might be worn out; the way of looking at it might be worn out but the landscape itself can't be worn out. it needs re-looking at "

I want excitment in my life and I get excitment from stuff most people wouldn't....I'm well aware that rain on a puddle is a very exciting thing for me to watch but loads of other people think it's a bore.  

I don't get a lot of emails. I'm not running an efficiency business. 

the secret knowledge
optics don't make marks.
images made by two eyes and hand have a graphic pop that images made by optical means don't have - images made by optical means have a flatness.
 talking about the ghent altarpiece and the way you feel close to every part of evey panel of it: "everyone should feel a part of it."

"the reason you're painting is because you have something to share". (or something like that, i can't remember in which intervivew)

it isn't an owl; it's a human being looking at an owl. it's an account of a human being looking at an owl. so that's what thrills us. and there's more owl-ness there than in the stuffed owl.


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