Max Watters and Chris O'Doherty

two australian artists whose landscapes are exactly what i stared at out the car window for years. and out the classroom window. i can remember one of my teachers following my gaze and asking, 'what are you looking at out there?!'

both these guys are represented by watter's gallery in sydney. all these images are from their website.

i used to go to painting classes with max watters when i was in highschool. it was a whole bunch of old ladies and me in the back room of some community hall in singleton. it was right at our dinner time so i always ended up going on an empty stomach and by the time mum would pick me up i was starving. every week she would say, 'you're the real thing - a starving artist!' - i was not amused. i was a blood sugar low teenager.

i just looked him up recently and discovered his work. i hadn't really seen it at that time. he lived and worked in the upper hunter valley where i grew up (i don't know if he's still working). i love his take on this very familiar landscape.

he used to call all the old ladies muriel because he couldn't remember all their names. one of the muriels died and left her oil paints to max - he gave them to me. such a lovely bloke.

Chris O'Doherty is Reg Mombassa. I just love his recent landscape works. Some of these are australia and some are new zealand. here's a really nice little interview and studio visit.

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