looking backwards/moving forwards fast

found this book in a coffee shop in tokyo just before i left. it's about designers and makers and their tools. including some architects, some industrial designers, a calligrapher and some others. most of them use pencils! the most unusual tool was a set of japanese punches. i didn't get the title of the book but it's published by bijutsu.
i like that you can tell they've kept their tools for a while and looked after them. tiny stubs of pencils lined up like little treasures.

i'm in hong kong now looking for a place to live. i think i'm suffering from visual culture shock. everything here seems overdone with too many colours, not enough space around the words on a page, too many elements. my friend nobuko would say, ちょっと too much だよ。(that's a bit too much).  

everything moves faster here, even the escalators.


nobuko said...

i guess the book is『デザイナーと道具 Designers and their tools』
i once had the book,but i lost it.

anna said...

thanks nobuko!
i think you really do know everything thats worth knowing.